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Oregon Coast Technology knows you want to focus on what you do best: running and growing your business! We know your time is valuable. We know you don’t want to have technology run you, but have technology work for you. We can make that possible.

We offer a phased-in approach that starts with your immediate needs.
Then we can guide your entire business technology into an improved positive and secure direction.


See what our SentinelTM Service can do for you!
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We know the right questions to ask about your business


  • Do you have IT employees on your staff?
  • Do you manage your computer systems yourself?
  • Do you have a knowledgeable, reliable IT person you can call?

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  • Are your software applications current?
  • Have you successfully applied all current updates?
  • Do you have reliable, tested backups?

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  • Do you worry about system crashes?
  • Do you have a plan for upgrading your computer system?
  • What would happen if your systems were lost in a fire or stolen?

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  • Are you protected from viruses and other malicious software?
  • Are you confident that your computer network is secure?
  • Are all your user passwords secure and protected?

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  • How much of your time is spent keeping your systems running?
  • How much staff time is lost due to inefficient systems?
  • How much does that cost you?

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Provides World Class IT Services

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A disaster is any unwanted event that disrupts or devastates business. A disaster does not have to be an earthquake or a fire that destroys your building. A virus that compromises your IT system, the theft of information or equipment can also be considered disasters.
Not all losses are covered by insurance. The first thing you need to rebuild your IT system is your data. That’s why data backup – onsite and offsite – is critical. ORCOTECH can help. Fill out the form to the right!

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