Is your business at risk







The keys to the continuity of your business are backups and redundancy.

ORCOTECH brings the most comprehensive backup service available. We provide complete on-site backups of each workstation and server. If a machine goes down for any reason, a replacement can be re-created in minutes – not days. Restores can take place from any restore point. Restore points are created regularly throughout the day and night. If a failure was caused by a virus or a bad installation, the machine is restored to the point where it was in working order. If a machine has a catastrophic failure, a new machine is rebuilt to the exact point where it was last operational.

Off-site backups carry the data from your server through the cloud to a remote location away from local disasters. If the worst happens, your data is safe and secure. New servers can be brought up quickly to get your business back on its feet so it won’t become another bad statistic.

The redundancy of on-site and off-site backups provide you with the best protection of your IT property.