All businesses – small, medium, large, or mega – are at risk of cyberattack. New viruses are invented every day and spread throughout the world. The bad guys don’t ever sleep – they’re too busy figuring out ways to steal your data or crash your systems.

The security world is very complex and works on many layers. ORCOTECH takes a very holistic approach to IT security. No single solution protects you from everything, particularly with the continuously changing landscape of security issues.

ORCOTECH uses several different tools to protect your security. We monitor firewalls, provide anti-virus, penetration intrusion protection and spam prevention. We intercept and ban high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal file-sharing applications. We ensure that patches and updates recommended by hardware and software vendors are installed and kept current. Even with all that, a seemingly innocent activity by a user can let the bad guys in. We provide not only the tools for your protection but the manpower to stop intrusion if something does get through.

Security is our top priority and we make sure that your systems are safe.