Connect Service

Connect with the World

Take your communications system to the 21st century and save money each month with Oregon Coast Technology’s Connect service.

 Orcotech Connect brings the communications capability of a large corporation to your business. Boost your productivity by leveraging the power of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) digital networking and interconnecting your office system with your cell phones for reliable, lightning-fast service.

Easily direct and receive calls on your many devices with one click, place outbound phone calls or retrieve your voicemails through your email platform – even access information about a customer with their inbound calls.

Orcotech Connect also includes availability information and instant messaging for your team, as well as web conferencing that allows you to connect with partners and clients around the world.

Replacing your old phone system has never been easier

Most small businesses qualify for our basic Orcotech Connect plan, which costs as little as $80 a month. Experience the freedom of being unencumbered by limits on the number of users or number of lines on your system.

As Low As


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Orcotech Connect is easy to set up, maintain and upgrade. We monitor your phone system 24/7 and stand ready to service your phones at a moment’s notice.

Pair Connect with our proprietary Sentinel service for the ultimate business technology system. Hardware, software, networking, and communications, all maintained by the Coast’s leading managed IT provider.

Contact us today and see how Oregon Coast Technology can take your communications system to the next level.