Secure IT Solutions to Make Guests Feel at Home

You’re in the business of pampering guests on a daily basis. Having reliable Wi-Fi and telephone service is critical to making your business hum while customers feel at home.

The last thing you need to worry about is your system going down at the wrong time or outside “guests” accessing your Wi-Fi and reducing connection speeds for your paying guests.

That’s where Oregon Coast Technology steps in. We understand the information technology needs of the hospitality industry and can tailor a solution that fits your specific needs.

What Oregon Coast Technology can do for you:

Stabilize and modernize your Wi-Fi and phone systems while providing fully connected network security throughout your establishment.

Minimize downtime so you can quickly check guests in and out, book and hold reservations, and process daily reports.

Stay PCI compliant and protect your guests’ financial and personal data with the latest, most secure hardware and software.