Providing the Cure for What Ails Your IT

Your medical practice faces security challenges every day. From complying with HIPAA regulations to storing and securely sharing sensitive records, you have mountains of data that needs to be protected from malicious actors and inadvertent release.

You require a computer system that can meet these challenges head on without causing headaches because of instability or unplanned outages.

That’s where Oregon Coast Technology has the remedies you need. We understand the information technology requirements of the healthcare industry and can tailor a solution that fits your specific circumstances.

What Oregon Coast Technology can do for you:

Keep you compliant with HIPAA regulations and other legal requirements so that private medical information stays private and you avoid costly fines.


Manage your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to keep it running smooth, making your practice more efficient and productive.

Improve office communications with our Connect system, offering instant messaging and collaboration tools for healthier operations.

Your guests want to feel welcomed. Entrust Oregon Coast Technology with the tools to make their stay perfect.

Contact us today to receive a full network audit and complimentary report that provides a comprehensive look at your current IT infrastructure.