Sentinel Service

Keeping Watch Over Your Business Technology

The bad guys lurk everywhere, ready to strike at any time, trying to hack into your network and exploit any vulnerability.

That’s where Oregon Coast Technology steps up with our proprietary Sentinel Security, standing watch to guard your computer network systems and data.

Sentinel never sleeps! It remains ever vigilant 24 hours a day, enabling our team to manage your computer hardware, software, devices and network systems through remote monitoring, reporting and remediation.


We work with business neighbors up and down the Oregon Coast

Healthcare providers needing to protect HIPAA data

Financial organizations protecting sensitive client information

Retail businesses storing customer records and staying PCIAA compliant

Insurance companies accessing private records

Don’t wait until your network goes down or your computer gets hacked. Contact Oregon Coast Technology today to start a conversation about securing your system.

What you get with Sentinel looking out for you

Fully connected network security across all devices

Internet protection through a next gen firewall

Device protection from spam, malware, ransomware and viruses

Disaster protection through onsite and offsite data backups

Active 24/7 monitoring of all assets

Peace of mind knowing your data is secure